iFocus by iReach.Global

Qualitative Market Research

Consumer and Business Research, Face to Face and Online

Leverage the Full Power of the Internet for Qualitative Research

Our highly interactive qualitative research sessions combine the richness of qualitative feedback with the scale and structure of a quantitative study. With iFocus from iReach.Global you can overcome the age-old constraints of in-depths and focus groups by capturing large-scale, reliable qualitative data quickly and cost-effectively. You can “interview” any mix of 1 to 30+ people in face to face sessions, in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups, innovation workshops or reach a large geographically dispersed sample using internet video and combine multiple target segments in a single video based Focus Groups session. Using screener data, we can filter responses during the session to track how various segments of the iFocus audience are reacting.

Key Benefits of iReach Qualitative Research Methods

  • More honest answers, especially if the topic is personal or sensitive
  • No false trails, eliminated by the moderator
  • No dominant personalities or groupthink
  • Live chat: clients can participate in the sessions either onsite or online using live Video Streaming and communicate with the iReach.Global moderator in real time to explore opinions or discussions of particular interest
  • Cost effective to maximise your budgets (modular and transparent prices irrespective of location)
  • Fast turnaround in days, not weeks
  • Fix costs for all project elements (participant recruitment, facilities, recording, incentives, moderation and reporting
  • Free Video Streaming for many environments and ideally suited to consumer and business groups, stakeholders, employees and external agents or intermediaries
  • Ideal for NPD, Concept and Ad Testing, Idea generation, Branding and Website Usability Testing

iReach.Global is an internationally orientated full research agency offering multi-country, multi-lingual research solutions. With offices in Dublin and London, iReach has been building knowledge and expertise in international market research for over 12 years and has become expert in conducting Qualitative, Quantitative and Digital research.