Eye Tracking and Emotion Research by iReach.Global

Hybrid Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Blend new Research Techniques with traditional ones

Eye Tracking for Shelf, Store and Ad Testing

Eye tracking is a technology used by iReach.Global to analyse in real-time what your customer or stakeholders see whenever they are in touch with your business. Eye tracking allows you to look through the eyes of the consumer while they interact with the product or media in real time. Specifically, eye tracking tells us what draws people’s attention, what people find interesting.

Key Benefits of iReach.Global Eye Tracking

  • New glasses technologies allow us to measure visibility and engagement anywhere, in-store, OOH or online
  • Eye tracking can be used to see how consumers are engaging with your adverts, promotions, on shelf products and package design
  • Based on a user’s gaze and engagement we can obtain insight into their subsequent behaviours and actions
  • Explore the possibilities using real consumers in real shopping and retail environments

How It Works

The important metrics in Eye tracking studies include:

  • First Fixations
  • Gaze Time
  • Fixation Order

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