Consumer Decisions and Omnibus by iReach.Global

Quantitative Consumer Market Research

Leverage the Full Power of Online and CATI

Multibus™ Monthly Omnibus

iReach has developed a new approach to Omnibus surveys in the UK and Ireland: with the iReach Online Multibus we can extend the sample size or narrow it down to specific segments to obtain unique insights for each individual client. We also run a number of topic or industry specific Multibus surveys on an ad hoc basis for clients who need to target specific groups of consumers across UK and Ireland, Europe and Internationally.

Telephone, Online Custom Projects

iReach.Global supports all fieldwork methods especially using Telephone and Online Methodologies. Using our proprietary Business and Consumer Research Panels, we pre-screen target demographics so time and effort is not wasted finding your target audience. iReach pass savings from such an efficient approach in the form of reduced costs to our clients. iReach has built research panels in the UK and Ireland support surveys throughout Europe and Internationally.

Face to Face Surveys and Mystery Shopping

iReach also supports face to face surveys where most appropriate and these are ideally suited to retail venues for exit interviews, shop along visits and in-venue product testing or sampling research.

Key benefits of iReach Quantitative Research Methods

  • Cost effective and affordable research throughout UK and Ireland, Europe and Internationally.
  • Full data analysis and reporting by iReach Analysts in each region.
  • Choice of Consumer Omnibus in UK or Ireland or Standalone Custom projects.
  • Support multi-country and multi-lingual surveys within a single project managed centrally with single point of contact and truly integrated reporting
  • Fast turnaround in days, not weeks.
  • Ideal for multi-market Ad and Message testing, Re-branding, benchmarking and multi-country trackers.

iReach.Global is an internationally orientated full research agency offering multi-country, multi-lingual research solutions. With offices in Dublin and London, iReach has been building knowledge and expertise in international market research for over 12 years and has become expert in conducting Qualitative, Quantitative and Digital research.