Toyota Ireland - Ad Campaign Effectiveness

Case Study

Project Background

A quantitative, tracking study about attitudes and sentiment towards the Toyota car brand in Ireland and the effectivness of their hybrid car campaign measured before and after TV and Radio adverts have been run. The aim was to track consumer sentiment for Toyota in general through long term, multi-wave comparison surveys. In addition, Toyota also needed a measure of the effectiveness of their hybrid car ad campaigns, both pre and post campaigns and beyond. The challenge was to ensure each survey was nationally representative and comparable with particular emphasis on Toyota’s target cohorts.


iReach ran this quantitative study using its proprietary research panel, ensuring a nationally representative sample for each wave while also providing comparable respondent sample sizes for Toyota’s target cohorts. Sentiment towards the brand was tracked at regular intervals over a multi-year period allowing Toyota to track how their brand is perceived by the Irish public year on year. In addition, the effectiveness of the Toyota hybrid ad campaign in Ireland was revealed through pre and post campaign surveys which also allowed Toyota to gauge the Irish car markets sentiment and preferences towards their hybrid car line.


The project helped Toyota gain insight into their target markets and tailor how they advertise and market their hybrid cars in Ireland.

Media mix was tailored to engage more directly with key target cohorts of Families as well as Female Drivers. Insights also directly new advertising campaigns for Hybrid and Electric cars and also tracks key Brand scores such as Consideration, Advocy and Attributes.