Odeon Cinema Time and Place Advertising

Case Study

Project Background

Odeon Cinemas is a leading cinema chain in Ireland with four locations in Dublin, as well as cinemas across the country in Cavan, Waterford, Naas and Limerick. Odeon wanted to analyse how their customers planned their cinema visits why they decided on which film to go to, where they got their information and how they booked. Odeon Cinemas required this information to plan their marketing strategy, especially where to place their advertising spend for the coming year. Their research objective was to define their marketing strategy around which advertising works best in.


iReach.global took a Qualitative approach to this project and conducted 366 short face to face interviews across four different Odeon Cinemas during different times of the day in order to capture a variety of Odeon Customers. This project had the benefit of a large sample size, but also the benefit of the face to face interviews which captured the nuances of customer’s needs and experiences with Odeon across all demographics. Odeon wanted to speak to customers in a variety of different Odeon Cinemas in different regions in order to capture the different needs from different markets.


iReach.global were able to dig deep into the differences in each cinema and create these all important insights for Odeon Cinemas. The insights gained from the project allowed Odeon Cinemas to plan their marketing strategy for the year and gave them better understanding of their customers overall.