Mediacom Universal co-creation

Case Study

Project Background

Mediacom represent Universal who are a film distributor in Ireland and across the world. Mediacom partnered with iReach.Global to understand the needs of both frequent and occasional cinema goers. Mediacom wanted to delve into the cinema-going experience; how people choose their films, the booking journey and they also wanted to test out some creative promotional ideas with cinema-goers. The research objective was to discover the needs of the different types of cinema-goers ( frequent and occasional ) and how they differ and also to see which promotions work best for both.


iReach.Global decided on a hybrid approach for this project - incorporating both Qualitative and Quantitative research methods. iReach.Global used a new research method called a Co-Creation Session method for the Qualitative approach. Co-Creation Session is a more interactive form of Focus Group where we have smaller more concise groups in order to encourage more discussion and interaction between participants and moderators.


This Qualitative method worked well for this project as we wanted a very interactive session in order to get good suggestions, ideas and feedback from our participants. iReach.Global ran two Co-Creation Sessions with three groups of five in each session. iReach.Global were able to gain valuable insights into cinema goer’s habits and also ideas for the future through both groups. These groups were divided into frequent and occasional cinema goers across all age groups. iReach.Global also ran a Quantitative survey after the Co-Creation Sessions to test the ideas brought up in the sessions. This allowed iReach.Global to compare the Qualitative and Quantitative ideas. These insights were compiled into a comprehensive report for Mediacom and were used to further media planning strategy for their work with Universal