Business Decisions by iReach.Global

Quantitative Business (B2B) Market Research

Engage with Business Decision Makers using mixed Online and CATI

Business Decisions Research Panel

The iReach Business Decisions Research Panel comprises of 10,000 Line of Business (LoB) decision makers across Ireland and Northern Ireland. iReach utilise a unique and efficient mix mode approach to engaging with business managers across all company departments and across companies of all sizes from SOHO, SME to Enterprise and Government Departments.

By looking at trends and spends of Irish Businesses, this Research Panel can provide the cost benefits of an Omnibus survey with the power and flexibility of custom research. The wide range of issues can focus anywhere in the corporate world, from business and economic concerns to staffing and resourcing issues or technology and telecom purchasing trends.

Telephone, Online Custom Projects

iReach.Global supports all fieldwork methods especially using Telephone and Online Methodologies. For markets outside of Ireland and Northern Ireland we lead with a CATI approach and offer busy decision makers the choice of completing the survey at a appropriate time over the phone or agree to self-complete the survey online and a time most suitable to them. This allows for more efficient fieldwork and cost savings are passed back to clients.

For multi-country or multi-lingual projects, iReach handle different languages and translations for both in-country reporting as well as centralised or integrated reporting for the whole project.

Key benefits of iReach Quantitative Research Methods

  • Cost effective and affordable research throughout UK and Ireland, Europe and Internationally
  • Full data analysis and reporting by iReach Analysts in each region
  • Support multi-country and multi-lingual surveys within a single project managed centrally with single point of contact and truly integrated reporting
  • Fast turnaround in days, not weeks
  • Ideal for multi-market Business to business (B2B) research, trends and spends of Corporates, CSR, Business Confidence and Policy decision making at both a local and international level
  • Also suitable for Economic Forecasts, Industry Outlook, and PR/Thought Leadership activities

iReach.Global is an internationally orientated full research agency offering multi-country, multi-lingual research solutions. With offices in Dublin and London, iReach has been building knowledge and expertise in international market research for over 12 years and has become expert in conducting Qualitative, Quantitative and Digital research.